Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday Favorites ( On a Monday)

I realize it's Monday, but I did not want you all to miss out on last week's Friday Favorites.  I had to go out of town unexpectedly  at the end of last week to help out a friend so I didn't have the chance to post this on Friday.  I have a few favorites from last week's shopping trip that I wanted to share, even though it's few days late.  There will still be a Friday Favorites at the end of this week too.

Honest Tea 
I love to have these around  instead of soda.  

Crispy Rice Cereal Bars 
 I bought these for my two year old as a grab and go snack.  They are like rice krispie treats, but fluffier and larger.  She LOVES them! ( and so do I!) 

Ground Flaxseed with Mixed Berries
This has actually been a favorite for a while.  I always have a bag of this on hand to use in my overnight oats, on cereal, in baked goods, or sprinkle in the kids' pb&j's.  My kids love it because of the dried berries in it- I love it because they'll eat it!

 Flat Bread
I found these at my local grocery store last week.  If you can find them I highly recommend them! We used them in the Flatbread Pizzas.

Daiya Cheese
This is the best vegan cheese I have ever had ( and I have tried several!) It melts great, tastes like cheese, and is soy free.  An all around win!  You'll notice I wrote the date on it- I write the date on everything in my fridge so I know when I opened it.  

And Just Because...
I thought I would add in my favorite beer.  It is baseball season after all!  

Did you miss last week's Friday Favorites?  Check them out for some really delicious dairy free finds!

Do you have some new favorite dairy free finds?


  1. mmm, i love the peanut butter envirokidz cereal. those cereal bars look good!

    1. I haven't tried the cereal yet only because with 3 kids we buy that in bulk boxes. But the Little One tore through the box of bars- she absolutely loved them! And they took her a while to get through one so it's a more satisfying snack for her. They are just perfect for toddlers!

  2. I should try flat out wraps again. A long time ago when I ate them they tasted really metallic to me. weird I know! haha

    1. That is weird! I bought the ones with the flax and they were really good! Especially as pizza:-) I love anything flat- wraps, pitas, tortillas... Thank goodness most of those items are dairy free!