Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easy Weeknight Dinner~Chicken Sausage Subs

During this time of year our girls have activities 5 nights a week.  Three nights a week we have a normal family dinner but the other two nights a week my oldest daughter and  husband have Lacrosse practice for an hour and a half- right at dinner time.  I need something that is easy and quick for those nights rather than ordering takeout for dinner.   During our last trip to the grocery store we came across these chicken sausages. Since they are precooked they make for a quick, easy, and very tasty dinner.

We tried a flavor totally new to us -a sweet chicken sausage made with apples and maple syrup.  
(I never thought sausage in a package looked very appetizing)
     We decided to pan fry them with peppers and onions.  Super quick, super simple.  

The only preparation required with this meal was slicing my veggies. And I did slice each sausage in half long ways so they would brown a bit easier.    

We threw some fries in the oven and baked those while the sausage and veggies were cooking.   I also toasted a couple of crusty hoagie rolls in the oven for a few minutes.

Somewhere under all those veggies is a piece of the sausage.  What can I say- I love my veggies!

I filled mine with sauteed veggies and some lettuce. It was filling, but not overly so.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the sweet sausage, but I really did like it.  It had such a mild flavor and  was not greasy at all. If you eat meat, these are a great thing to keep on hand for a quick weeknight dinner. 

We had leftovers since I cooked up the whole package so my husband used them in scrambled eggs they next morning.  They made a very tasty breakfast!  

**I was not paid for this blog post.  I just wanted to share a new dairy free find**

What is something you keep on hand for a quick dinner?


  1. my hubby would LOVE this. he's a fan of sausage. and i'm a fan of quick cooking. :D

    1. I looked online and the only ones that contain dairy seem to be the ones with some sort of cheese in the name. The rest appear to be dairy free! They even have a buffalo chicken one- I can't wait to try it!

  2. i've been wanting to try these sausages! glad they're good. :)