Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Dairy Free Find: Cinnamon Rolls

Let me start by saying this is NOT a health food blog.  This is a food intolerance/allergy blog.  I do try to eat healthy 99% of the time but the word omnivore in my name means just that.  I will eat just about anything- other than dairy of course! My goal is to lead a normal life, eating things that I used to love just without the dairy. I believe moderation is key, and a treat now and then is not a bad thing.  That being said, let's proceed to my latest  dairy free food find:

Growing up it was such a treat to  have cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven on a Saturday morning.  I don't mean made- from- scratch, mom slaved over them for hours, cinnamon rolls.  I mean the kind from a can- the gooey, oh so sweet, twist the can and jump when it explodes, cinnamon rolls. The ones we all know aren't super good for us but are such a treat to have. The same ones my husband made for me the morning he proposed to me.  That's right, my husband popped the question over a plate of  cinnamon rolls.  It was such a sweet moment.

Since canned cinnamon rolls have held a special place in my heart for the past 11 years it was a sad day when I could no longer eat them.  I have read every can I have come across- even the ones from Trader Joes. But they all contained whey or another form of dairy.  Until I found  this little gem at my local grocery store on Sunday afternoon:
 I used to have an issue with buying generic.  Call me a brand snob,  but I prefer brand names when it comes to food items.  But these store brand cinnamon rolls are just as good as the brand name ones.  

I was so excited when I found them I think I let out a little squeal right there in the freezer section.  My husband laughed at me, but he was as happy as I was to find these.  Now we can add cinnamon rolls back into our life! Don't worry, they won't be an everyday occurrence.  I don't have that much of a sweet tooth. 

 Yesterday morning I made this special treat for my family- the perfect start to a Monday after a very busy weekend.  
Yummy cinnamon goodness ready to go in the oven.

Needless to say once these were done they lasted all of about 5 minutes.  The littlest one even had one (minus the frosting of course!)   I limited myself to one roll and added a couple Cuties to my plate- you know, so it was a balanced meal.

 This morning we are back to our healthy breakfast- eggs with whole wheat toast for me, low-sugar cereal and fruit for the kiddos. But this is such a nice treat to have every now and then.

What is one food you miss the most since giving up dairy?


  1. Cute! Sometimes you just gotta have a treat. Out of dairy free foods I miss Cheese Whiz. It's truly awful stuff but I loved it every now and then growing up.

    1. I used to love canned cheese. There is no way canned cheese can be good for you at all, but there is something so yummy about it on crackers. And nacho cheese in a jar- again NOT good at all but tasted so good cold, straight out of the jar. Looking back I cringe at some of the stuff I used to eat;-)

  2. I definitely miss cheese the most. All cheese. Cheese on sandwiches, mac and cheese, grated cheese on tacos, pizza with cheese...... sigh. Soon enough I can have it all again, haha.

    1. Me too! But I've gotten past is and now the smells of some cheese actually turns my stomach. I have found that the vegan pizza at Zpizza is amazing!! (They use Daiya cheese and it's similar to real cheese).

  3. It's not so much the food I miss as it is the "normalcy." Since I have rid dairy from my system, I feel better than I ever have, so I am not ever tempted to try dairy. I have also realized that it's easier to not try to substitute, but rather eat things that are meant to be dairy free. The problem I have is everywhere I go, I have to be prepared and either bring something with me or go without. Most restaurants are very accommodating, and I can usually find something on the menu I can modify, but weddings, holiday parties, picnics, ugh those are the hardest! My question is how do you help the host not feel so bad that you aren't eating the food? I absolutely hate drawing attention to myself, but yet, every event, my dairy allergy ends up being a topic of conversation. I just want to be "normal" again. That's what I miss.