Monday, November 14, 2011

Meal Planning~The Week Before Thanksgiving

Next week we will have the biggest food day of the year- Thanksgiving. I am sure most of us are in full on planning mode at this point- I know we are! But what do you eat the week BEFORE? We try to keep our grocery bill really low the week before a major holiday, because we know the meal is going to cost a lot. We have yet another busy week ahead too- our Middle Daughter is in a Thanksgiving production with her drama class, so we have a rehearsal one night a performance another, not to mention the oldest daughter's own drama class. On top of all of that, the hubs is not going to be joining us for dinner most nights, since he is on another crazy work schedule this week. So, I need to plan easy, healthy, fast meals for 3 kids and myself. Hmmm...

Here's what the girls and I decided on:

Monday: Chicken Tenders, fresh broccoli, and pasta
Tuesday: Brinner- apple cinnamon pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon- kids' choice.
Wednesday: American Chop Suey- Again, kid's choice and will share this one.
Thursday: Beef Stew- I will also share this recipe.
Friday: Stromboli

Pancakes, cereal, overnight oats

PB&J, grilled "cheese" sandwiches, Lentil soup, leftovers.

Oatmeal bars, chocolate chip cookies- all homemade.

Baking Projects:
Sweet Potato Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Apple Bread, Cranberry Orange Bread, Slowcooker Applesauce (My goal is to start filling up my freezer.) I will share all the recipes for these as well.

Notice my weekend isn't listed- I have not planned that far ahead yet. Since I have yet to replace my lost food from Hurricane Irene's visit, this coming weekend I plan on doing just that. We are going to stock the freezer with soups, pizza sauces, meat sauce, Rochelle's Beef and Root Vegetable Soup, chili. These will all be meals on the menu and make future planning much easier. And the best part- I already have most of the ingredients on hand to make all these things! Bonus!

Now it's time for me to get baking!

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