Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When I Said I Do... 9 Years Ago

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 years since I walked down the aisle and said "I do" to my best friend.

~Our Wedding: A Look Back~
David and I got engaged on June 16th, 2001, after a year and a half of dating. His proposal was not fancy or elaborate, but it was very "us". It was private, spontaneous, and simple. Perfect.

After a whirlwind year of college graduations, moving, starting new jobs, and wedding planning, we finally made it to the weekend of our wedding. We (well actually my Mom and myself since David and I did not live in the area. And since she knew what I wanted and how to get it) had planned not only the wedding and reception, but a few other events for that weekend as well. Since we had a rather large wedding party and everyone was from out of town (including us), we wanted to be sure to thank them all for taking the time to come and be a part of our day. We included a Bridesmaids Luncheon at a Tavern in Williamsburg, and David took his Groomsmen golfing that Friday morning before the wedding. We also had a brunch the morning after the wedding, as a way to say goodbyes to our guests before they all went back home.

We also included a few personal touches. My grandfather passed away just 3 months before my wedding, and he was my last living grandparent. I wanted to do something to remember them, and lost loved ones on David's side. We had two bouquets of red roses on the alter that David and I gave to our Mother's after the ceremony.

We had a Bagpiper lead the recessional after the ceremony. My husband's heritage is Scottish so this was very fitting.

We had a String Quartet play at the ceremony- I wanted this because my Mother had once played the violin and I always think of her when I hear strings playing.

My most favorite personal touch was my bouquet. Instead of a traditional bouquet, I carried my mother's Catholic Missal, the same one she carried at her wedding to my father in 1967. We had the cover made to match my dress from scraps leftover from my alterations. The florist did a very simple cascading flower arrangement for it.

The day of the wedding was the most beautiful Fall day anyone could ask for! We had the bluest sky, the temperature was perfect, and the leaves were at their peak for color. Most of the day went by in a blur, but there are a few moments that stick out in my memory whenever I look back on that day.

Walking down the aisle with my Dad is a moment I will never forget. I am not one to cry in front of other people- I just can't do it. But the moment before we walked down the aisle I really had a hard time. I actually had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep the tears from starting to roll down my cheeks.
For the rest of my life, I will always cherish the memory of my Dad giving me away.

David told me that the moment he remembers the most was our minister leaning over to him as I was coming down the aisle and telling him to remember the way I looked at that moment because it is the one moment in the entire day he will always remember.

The rest of the night flew by in a blur, as weddings do. We had a wonderful time dancing at our reception and spending the night with good friends and family. It was the perfect beginning to our married life.

~Fast Forward: Our Married Life~The rest, as they say, is history. Over these past nine years we have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and we have learned so much about each other, about ourselves, and about life.

We have learned how to depend on each other in hard times,

Our middle daughter in the NICU with PPHN

My husband holding our daughter a few days before she came home after her month stay in the NICU

And how to get through those times stronger and better for it.

Daddy and the middle on enjoying catching up on some snuggle time after her NICU stay.

We have learned that marriage is not always 50/50. Sometimes it is 90/10 or 60/40. We have learned how to get angry at each other, and then say we are sorry and move past it without holding a grudge.

We have learned that we always have more fun when we are together so we work hard to make time for US.

Dave kept his promise to take me to Fenway Park to see my beloved Red Sox play.

In Philadelphia

A night out with friends- a police office took this picture. VERY funny story!

We've learned that we make a great team as parents.

We still have a long way to go of course, and I am looking forward to the next 50 years or so.

Happy 9th Anniversary to the Love of my life.


  1. this is beautful! you are both such wonderful people and I am so happy to know you. You are a strong example of what we should all be trying to work towards. Thanks for this great reminder!

  2. Thank you Shannon! We are so happy and lucky to know you and Brian too! I did not know you had a blog too! I started following it today.