Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I had not realized it had been 8 days since my last post! It has been such a busy 8 days that it flew by in a flash! I will get back to posting recipes, although I am afraid postings will be a bit light in the next week because I am getting ready for vacation! And boy do I need one! After the year we've had, a week of relaxing will do us all some good.

This past week was a very special one because my very dear friend, Carmen, got married! I was as excited for her wedding as I was for my own, maybe even a little more so. We've been friends with Carmen for 5.5 years. In that short time we've been through a lot together- the birth and illness of my daughter, a bad breakup, friends coming and going, crazy roadtrips and celebrity sightings, all night Gilmore Girls Marathons, and so much more. While I may not get to spend nearly as much time with her as I would like due to incredibly demanding schedules, she has been there for me through a lot, and is always supportive. She is such a wonderful person, the kind that lights up the room when she walks in. I am so touched that she asked me to stand up with her as one of her bridesmaids. I know the 3 others she asked were women that were extraordinarily important to her, and I was touched to be in the same group with them in her eyes.

In an earlier post I showed you the cake I made for her Bridal Shower back in April.
The Wedding festivities started for me on Thursday with a couple shopping trips with my Mom and my girls to get a few last minute items- like a dress to wear to the rehearsal, shoes, a purse, and earrings. I haven't really dressed up in a such a long time I didn't have any of the required items for a fancy night out. Oops! Friday we got pampered at my favorite Spa- Jon Bre- with manicures and pedicures. Much thanks to the Bride's mother for that wonderful afternoon! Then it was rehearsal time- which I think went off quite well. The Rehearsal Dinner was at small local wine bar/bistro called The Vintner's Cellar. I had spoken with the chef the day before and let her know of my dairy issue. She was very accomodating and made sure I had a completely Dairy Free meal that was just about the same as everyone- Prime Rib, sauteed veggies, and a bake potato (instead of mashed). I even got to have dessert at a restaurant for the first time in almost 5 years! While everyone else had peach cobbler, I had a baked peach. I will definitely be making that for my blog! It was all so very delicious! And I will most definitely be eating there again, and recommending them to others.

The Bride to Be and Me at the Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday was the big day of course, and it was a fabulous one. The Bride was so very beautiful in her dress, and it all seemed to go off without a hitch.

My weekend off from being a "mommy" ended with a summer cold invading our house- first the Baby, then the middle one, and now me. Not sure where it came from but I do know it needs to go away now. Especially since we are headed off on vacation in a couple days. And it's one we've been looking forward to for quite some time. I am loading us all up on Emergen-C, veggies, juice, water, homemade chicken noodle soup, and rest. Here's to hoping it works!

I do have some new recipes to share, and I will get them out to you as soon as I can.
Until then...
Happy Cooking:-)

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