Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend- Berries and Ferries and S'mores Oh My!

Mothers Day has always been an important day in my family- my Dad always made it that way for my Mom. And I am so lucky that my husband is keeping that tradition for me as well. This year marked my 8th Mother's Day as a Mommy myself.

Last year I was pregnant with our 3rd child on Mothers Day with only 2 weeks to go until my due date.

This year my wonderful husband decided the entire weekend should be Mothers Day Weekend, not just 1 short day. All weekend he made sure I didn't have to do many "mommy chores"- he stepped in and did them so I could have time with the girls or just relax. Not that he doesn't always help out- because he is awesome at that anyway, but this weekend he went above and beyond and made sure I didn't really have anything to worry about. And for that I am so very thankful to him.

Saturday we did something I have been wanting to do for a long time- we went strawberry picking. The farm we went to was across the river from us so we had to take a small ferry to get there. I had done this with my parents when I was young and I was so excited to get to share it with my own girls.

This was their first time on a boat of any kind and they had a blast!

The farm we went to was a small farm, but it was just the right size for my 2 oldest girls to enjoy themselves.

When we got there we checked in at the barn, got our 2 gallon baskets, and set to work picking berries. Luckily the weather was PERFECT- not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! And the berries- oh my! There were so many beautiful, ripe berries waiting to be picked. The girls set to work to find the biggest ones they could- and they were pretty successful in finding what they were looking for!

It didn't take long to fill up our baskets and before we knew it there wasn't anymore space in our baskets. So it was time to head back.

After all that hard work in the strawberry field the girls had earned a special treat- homemade strawberry ice cream! The middle one was so very excited so practically ran all the way back to the barn, yelling at us to hurry up if we stopped to pick just one more berry.

Of course I couldn't have any ice cream (so sad because strawberry is my absolute favorite kind of ice cream) so I settled for a Pepsi and some almonds I had packed instead.

After our strawberry picking adventure, we headed back to the ferry and enjoyed the short ride back to our side of the river. The girls were sad to see that part of the day end, and are looking forward to getting to do it again soon.

Sunday I got to sleep in while my family was busy in the kitchen making me breakfast and homemade cards. My husband made scrambled eggs and vanilla waffles with fresh strawberries that were so good! He was going to blog it for me, but wanted to try and get breakfast ready before I got up so I could have it in bed. I woke up before I was supposed to and ruined that part of the surprise-Oops. So instead we all sat together and had a delicious breakfast. I also got my gift from my hubby- he had made coupons for various activities. My favorite was to be used specifically on Mothers Day- a shopping spree at a kitchen store of my choice!!

The others I will cash in this summer- they are for a boat ride (we are going to rent a boat for the day and take the girls out), a jet ski ride (will use that on vacation), and a Kayak trip -super excited about that one!

For my shopping spree I had a hard time deciding between Williams Sonoma and Macy's. His original plan was to go to the Williams Sonoma store in Colonial Williamsburg, but then I saw that Macy's was having a Kitchen sale, and I had a coupon so I chose to go there. (We will still go to WS for a couple items that I can't get anywhere else).

The girls had a great time helping me pick out things we needed and wanted- it was a family effort. We ended up getting a couple of fun things, and a few things I needed to get to replace older items.

I got: a cupcake tote ( I was in desperate need of one of those), new spatulas of all sizes, new measuring spoons, glass prep bowls, a pastry blender, microplane zester, dishtowels and cloths (I know- so exciting), mixing bowls,a new colander, and my two favorite items that I can't wait to use:

My new Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker attachment: Can't wait to make some dairy free strawberry ice cream with this!

And my OXO Mandolin slicer- I already have plans for french fries! I know there are more elaborate brands out there, but I like OXO and wanted a simple one to start with.

After our shopping adventure we met up with my parents for dinner at one of our favorite local Italian restaurants- Al Frescos. Every time we eat there they are so great about catering to my dietary needs. I usually get a dish called Salmon Salsa Bianca- which is salmon sauteed with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and julian carrots in a white wine sauce served over fettuccine. It is one of my favorite dishes. I even get to have their bread there! Our waiter (who waits on my parents every time they go there) made sure I had a whole basket. Last night was the first time in 3 YEARS I had been able to eat the bread before dinner at a restaurant. It was heaven! The girls also enjoyed their meal of penne pasta with broccoli. Once we were all sufficiently stuffed on bread, salad, wine, and pasta we came back to our house for dessert- angel food cake with strawberries and s'mores around our fire pit.

Have to get the marshmallow just perfect!

Perfection! Nothing beats s'mores around a fire with my family. It was the perfect ending to a perfect Mothers Day Weekend!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for making this weekend so very special, my 3 little girls for making me the luckiest Mommy ever and to my own Mom for teaching me how to be a Mommy, a Mom, and a friend.

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