Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3rd Birthday Fun

Her coming home outfit, the shirt from her 1st birthday, from her
2nd birthday, and this year.
Yesterday our littlest one turned 3- where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital! Now she's a funny, sweet, mischievous little monkey who keeps us laughing, and is always on the go.  She was definitely all the 2 year old she could be, but not in a bad way.  She's very inquisitive about everything, has a wildly active imagination, and loves to be outside.  She's very different than her sisters in every way possible.

We just had a simple party on Sunday afternoon with close friends and family. Saturday I was camping with my oldest one's Girl Scout troop, so while I was gone, my husband took care of some of the party prep. He cleaned the house (yes, you read that right), ordered balloons, wrapped presents, and took care of a few other chores.  We got home Sunday morning, and started in with all the prep for her party. Abby had decided she wanted cupcakes, so I made her vanilla bean cupcakes, and for the adults I made an orange cake. We kept it simple with all of Abby's favorite foods:  fruit and veggie platters, chips and salsa, and pizza - she LOVES pizza!  She had a blast being the center of attention-as usual.
She had the sweetest look on her face as we sang to her. 

Make a wish Abby!
After the candles were blown out (it took a couple tries of course!) and she had gotten the first cupcake, she got right down to business opening her gifts.  We had a hard time shopping for her because she doesn't actually play with toys.  She has so many toys and she just doesn't play with them.  And she is not a fan of stuffed animals.  She would rather play games, do puzzles, draw, or go outside than play with toys.  
We decided to get her a tricycle, since she is still a bit young for a bike, but wants to be big like her biggest sister.  We got her a good old fashioned Radio Flyer- the one she picked in the toy store last month actually.  Good thing Mommy has a great memory! ( It does have a handle on the back for parents to hold on to, but that will be coming off very, very soon I am sure.)  Although she loves to have her sisters push her around- she thinks it's "Awesome".  Of course, we got her a few other things too.

My parents got her the coolest bubble machine (my Dad picked it out).  It's a leaf blower shaped bubble blower.  The kid was in HEAVEN!  So was our friend Chad- it was the first gift out of the package, and the first one played with... by the adults of course! They also got her a picnic table, earrings, and outfits, but the bubble blower was the coolest thing ever.  

Abby absolutely loves "Uncle Chad":-)

Our friends also definitely spoiled her rotten with all of her favorite things and they all know her well- everyone included bubbles in their gifts.  She loved having them here, getting to play with the kids, getting her birthday hugs, and just being the center of attention.  She's a very lucky little girl to have such wonderful people in her life.  

Luckily the rain held off so we could get in some outside time as well.

I'm pretty sure this was her favorite gift!

She has grown and changed so much in the past year- from a toddler into a preschooler. She can count to 20, knows all her colors, her alphabet, her animals. She has opinions, likes and dislikes, and a hilarious sense of humor. While I am sad that my last baby is growing so fast, I am excited to see how much she will change and grow in her 3rd year. Happy 3rd  Birthday to our sweet baby girl.  

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  1. Happy Birthday, big girl!! She's gorgeous! Love the bubble blower, perfect for summertime :)