Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Recap

I don't normally do weekend recap posts but we had such a fun weekend that I couldn't resist!  We started the weekend with our first harvest from our early spring garden.  We were very pleasantly surprised with what we got.  The red cabbage and broccoli obviously isn't ready yet, but I got quite a lot of leaf lettuce and kale. I know it looks a bit crowded but we are doing the square foot gardening method and it's working beautifully.

We didn't get a large amount of kale this time, but just enough to make some spicy kale chips to go with dinner the other night.  Those will definitely be shared soon!

The lettuce we used on burgers one night, and then used the rest in a salad.  I don't know why but lettuce out of my own garden just tastes so much better than lettuce bought at the store!  

Saturday we got up bright and early, ok maybe not bright, but definitely early, and headed out to the Lacrosse field for a game.  I love that my daughter has found a sport she enjoys so much! I just wish this spring had been a tad warmer!  It's been so cold and windy at most of her games this year. The rest of the day was spent surrounded by kids, watching movies, and dodging rain drops.

Sunday we made up a big family- Belgian waffles, bacon, and fresh fruit- and then we packed up our  kids and headed out to go strawberry picking. We did this last year for Mother's Day and the girls loved it so much we couldn't wait to do it again this year!

   Half the fun of where we go to pick is getting there.  We have to take a ferry across the river. It was a bit chilly this year, but the girls all had a great time anyway.

We let the girls do most of it on their own this year since the were old pros from last year.  My Middle Daughter got her own basket and quickly got to work finding the prettiest berries she could. She was so very proud of herself!

 The Little One enjoyed picking berries too, but along the way she got distracted by a new little friend- a Ladybug.

 We were a bit nervous that the rain the previous day, the lack of sunshine, and the cooler temperatures would mean there wouldn't be a lot of berries ready to be picked.  That was not at all the case!  There were tons of gorgeous berries- so many it was hard to convince the girls to stop picking!  The cooler temperatures also kept the bees away, which is very helpful!

I think the Littlest One's favorite part was the ferry ride!  Both going over and coming back she was all smiles and giggles.  Of course as soon as we got back in the car for the drive home she was out!

We have already used a lot of these berries- we topped pancakes with them this morning, I made a vinaigrette out of them yesterday (recipe coming tomorrow!) and today we plan to freeze some and make some into ice cream.

This is definitely one of my favorite activities of the year, and we already can't wait to go back!

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  1. WOW Steph that WAS a fun weekend! Go YOU!

    1. It was fun, and the best part was no late bedtimes all weekend:-) We were in bed by 9 on Sat. and 10 on Sunday. It was heavenly!:-)

  2. what a fun weekend. :) i love berry picking!

    1. We are hoping to go blueberry picking too- We LOVE blueberries. And our old CSA is now a pick your own farm so we are going to pick melons, peas, and more this summer too. The girls can't wait! They love it.