Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunrise Frittata

I love eggs. Scrambled, fried, hard boiled... I love veggies- all veggies. And bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? (In small quantities, of course!) Put them all together and you have a tasty, filling breakfast. But trying to find a frittata recipe without cheese is difficult. So I decided today to make up my own recipe with what I had in the fridge, and minus the cheese of course! I used up all of my green pepper and onion this week (we eat A LOT of peppers!) so I kind of scrounged through my veggie drawers and made my frittata out of the following:

5 mushrooms, diced: I used basic white this time.
1 tomato, diced with the excess juice gently squeezed out.
3 shallots sliced
Handful of shredded carrots: I added them for some crunch, since I was out of peppers.
4 slices of bacon, drained well, and chopped,
olive oil spray
5 eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
dried Thyme- to taste
dried minced garlic-to taste
dried basil- to taste

(Preheat Oven to 350 degrees.)
1. Saute bacon in a separate pan.

2. Spray cast iron skillet with olive oil spray and heat on medium. Add shallots, mushrooms, and carrots and let cook until they start to soften.
3. Add tomato, minced garlic, and other spices and let cook on low heat until all veggies are soft.

4. Once bacon is done to desired crispness, remove from heat and drain on paper towels. I also wipe the excess grease off. Coarsely chop and add to veggies.
5. Beat 5 eggs in a separate bowl, add salt and pepper if desired.

6. Add eggs to the pan, being sure to spread them evenly. Leave them on med heat for a couple minutes to help them set up.

7. Put them in the oven for about 10 minutes, or until the eggs are cooked through.

Insert a knife into the eggs, if it comes out clean, they are done.


There are so many other veggies or variations you could do with this. These are the veggies I had on hand today. And I called it the Sunrise Frittata as a joke with my husband, because the colors in it are yellow and orange. Next time I might use spicy sausage instead of bacon, with green peppers and shallots. I do like the shallots more than onion in this- they have a lighter flavor. When I get some fresh basil I will do a tomato and basil one. Can't wait to experiment some more!

*This recipe is mine. The only thing I used from the "Food Matters" cookbook was the temperature to cook it at.


  1. Steph, I love you and I am sure many veggie lovers would love it. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but I'm sure it was great for others...~ducks and runs~

  2. Aimee- I know you wouldn't- it has tomatoes in it! I'll make a bacon one for you one day- no veggies. Just bacon. How's that sound? But I bet Rose would eat it;-)

  3. Rose and even Destiny would love it. And bacon makes it all better. I wish they made bacon flavored veggies.

  4. I've been experimenting with different ingredients for the frittata and I think I came up with one even you would eat:-)And yes, it has bacon in it!

  5. Okay, definitely trying this one - looks really yummy. Oh, and SO proud of you for creating this blog! Wonderful job creating it.