Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From Amateur Blogger to Health and Nutrition Coach

My blog has been sadly neglected these past few months so it's about time I let you all in on what's new and good.  The neglect has not been without good cause.  I have been launching my new career as a Health and Nutrition Coach. It has been an extremely exciting, challenging, chaotic, amazing time- an endeavor I never dreamed of but that was handed to me on a silver platter.  Back about a year ago I was offered the opportunity to work with an amazing Chiropractor in my area, one who focuses on a more holistic approach to healing.  Her views and ideals are right in line with my own, not to mention she is an overall wonderful person, so the choice was clear.  Lucky for me my husband is the most supportive man so after a conversation of how we would work out the logistics of two working parents, who also happen to home school, we were all set.

I have spent the past 4 months finding my niche, figuring out what path I want to take with my coaching. I feel that at this point it is falling into place. My main specialties are shaping up to be: guiding people with chronic illnesses to a  more healthful diet specific to their needs; and helping people discover what their food intolerance is through an elimination diet and then how to deal with it in their everyday life.

While those are my specialties, I am not limited to dealing with just those issues.  I also: guide people through healthy weight loss, work with children and families to develop more nutritionally balanced meals, help people end their addiction to sugar, teach clients about the many different dietary theories and help them pick the one that best suites their current needs, teach nutrition and wellness classes.  In the next month I will be teaching Balance and Posture classes in addition to health coaching.

My own struggles with food intolerance are what first led me to have a passion for food and healthier eating.  My struggle with allergies and then a diagnosis of asthma led me to further clean up my diet and heal myself.  I am now medication  free, with no signs or symptoms of asthma in several months. I am proof that food as medicine works, and I am passionate about sharing that with as many people as I can. In coming days I will have my Health and Nutrition Coach website up and running, where I will share more of my story and my own struggles with health and food, post nutrition information, tips, and recipes.  I will also outline my programs and offerings for those who are interested.

I will continue this blog with recipes for my dairy free followers of course! I plan to post many recipes in the future, so there will be something for everyone.

If you would like more information about our practice you can visit:

Wright Spine and Sports Health

Our Facebook Page

We also have a Pinterest page

Feel free to email me with questions at stephaniem@wrightspine.com.

Until next time:
Healthy, Happy Cooking!

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